Are you experiencing connection problems in certain parts of your home?

Today, many activities such as working from home, online gaming or streaming require an optimal Internet connection.

In addition, each home has specific conditions that can affect the quality of your Wi-Fi connection, such as the thickness of the walls and the materials they are made of, or the presence of appliances that emit radio waves (microwave ovens, etc).

Our solution? The WIFI Plus option to easily improve your Wi-Fi coverage!


Our partner AVM/FRITZ! proposes a device to quickly and easily extend Wi-Fi in your home.

The repeater creates a Wi-Fi Mesh network that improves your Wi-Fi coverage.

€4/month - Wifi Plus option

  • FRITZ!Repeater 1200AX
  • Perfect for small areas with standard insulation

€4.5/month - Wifi Plus Premium option

  • FRITZ!Repeater 3000AX
  • Ideal for large surfaces and/or reinforced insulation materials
  • Suitable for large families or households with many devices connected to the home wifi network

Simply subscribe and install your device.

Get your own repeater easily in your Tango shop now or order it via the Tango helpline (800 777 77) and have it delivered at home.


If you choose the WIFI Plus option when taking out your Internet subscription, one of our technicians will come and install the Wi-Fi repeater free of charge at your home.

You can also easily install it yourself by following the next 5 steps:

Choose an electrical outlet between the FRITZ!Box and the zone where the coverage is weak : plug in your repeater.

Wait 1 minute until the green light blinks slower.

Press the red Connect button : the light starts to blink faster.

Press the Connect/WPS button on your FRITZ!Box

Wait until the LED lights up green : it was successful ! If this did not work, plug in the repeater closer to your FRITZ!Box and repeat the operation.

If you are not sure where to connect your repeater, download the FRITZ!App WLAN to check if it is installed in the right place.

Details and conditions

Details and descriptions

This option is compatible with Tango Complet, Tango Internet, Tango Duo and Tango Fibre subscriptions. 24 months commitment.

How to subscribe

 Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

General and specific conditions
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