Tracking my usage in real time

You have several ways of doing this:

Open the MyTango app to consult your usage in real time and check the status of the advantages included in your subscription (e.g. data, calls to Europe, etc.) and your out-of-bundle advantages.

  • By texting a code: consult the table below to send the code corresponding to your request.
SubscriptionsTango Smart / iPhoneCheck your usage in minutesINFO MIN62000
Track your SMS usageINFO SMS62000
Track your national data usageINFO NDC62000
Track your usage to international destinationsINFO INT62000
Track your global usageINFO SMART62000
FreeBordersTrack your usageFBR62000
EuropeCheck the status of your usageINFO EUR62000
Vodafone VoyagerCheck the status of your Vodafone Voyager pack usage and your balanceVR CONTROL62000
Tango Pack Connected
Tango Mobile Internet
Track your national data usageINFO NDC62000
All subscriptionsTrack your roaming data usageINFO DATA ROAMING62000
Prepaid cardsTango card GO))Check the credit left on your card*120#6250

Checking my roaming data usage abroad

NB: The use of mobile data (connection data) abroad, especially outside the EU, may lead to a substantial bill. Before you leave, inform yourself about the rates on our website.

  • Via the MyTango app: Set your own usage limit for roaming. Beyond that limit, your communications will be blocked.
  • Via Roaming Data Control: To control your usage, the Roaming Data Control service allows you to control your roaming data costs in the 27 EU countries by blocking your data usage when you reach a threshold amount of your choice: €20, €50, €75, €100, €150, €300, or €500.

After subscribing to the Data Roaming Control service, you will receive two text alerts:

  • A first alert will be sent to you automatically when your roaming data usage reaches 80% of the threshold amount chosen.
  • A second alert will be sent to you when your roaming data usage reaches the threshold amount chosen. At that point, your data connection will be blocked.

To subscribe to the Roaming Data Control service, contact our Customer Service by telephone on:

  • 800 777 77 from Luxembourg (toll-free)
  • +352 691 700 777 from abroad (price of a call to Luxembourg)
  • Or text ROAMING DATA CONTROL to 62000 (toll-free)

You can keep track of your roaming data in real time, free of charge, anytime, by consulting the Roaming Data Info service.

To subscribe to the Roaming Data Info service, text the code "ROAMING DATA INFO" to 62000.

NB: To benefit from this service, you must have already subscribed to the Roaming Data Control service.

You will then receive the status of your usage in real time.

Warning to customers who have already subscribed to a Roaming Data Pack:

The Roaming Data Info service allows you to find out the amount you need to pay for your current data usage. This amount does not include all the rate discounts applied at the end of the month, in particular on the Roaming Data Packs. Therefore, don’t be surprised at the sometimes high amounts that might be communicated to you.