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Bouquet Family: 'I am the night" on 13ème Rue

Immerse yourself in Los Angeles in the 60s with "I am the night", mini-series of 6 episodes.
Hollywood faces scandalous criminal activity in a country still marked by racism. It is in this context that Pat, a mixed race teenager, tries to unlock the secrets of her past. Arriving in LA, she meets Jay, a journalist haunted by the Black Dahlia, whose murder has destroyed hispromising career. Together, they follow the trail of the mysterious Dr. George Hodel, biological grandfather of Fauna ...
Discover "I am the night" from May 31, every Sunday at 8:55 pm, on 13ème Rue.

13ème Rue is available in the Family package (€9.99/month) from Tango TV.

Bouquet Family: "Spides" arrives on SYFY

Berlin. Nora wakes up from a coma with no memory of her previous life after taking a mysterious drug called Bliss. Local police detective David Leonhart and his partner Nique Navar are investigating the disappearance of dozens of teenagers already victims of this famous drug. When Nora sets out to find out what happened to her, she begins to unravel a spider-like alien conspiracy that uses this synthetic drug to infiltrate the body of humans.

Dive deep down into the conspiracy thriller "Spides", every Thursday at 9 p.m. on SYFY, from May 28.

SYFY is available in the Family package (€9.99/month) from Tango TV.

Foot package : Your upcoming sport events

Football & Basket

28/05/202020:302. BundesligaStuttgart - Hamburg741 - 751
29/05/202020:30BundesligaFreiburg - Bayer Leverkusen741 - 751
30/05/202015:30BundesligaSchalke - Werder Bremen741 - 751
30/05/202015:30BundesligaHertha Berlin - Augsburg742 - 752
30/05/202015:30BundesligaWolfsburg - Frankfurt753
30/05/202018:30BundesligaBayern München - Düsseldorf741 - 751
31/05/202013:302. BundesligaDynamo Dresden - Stuttgart741 - 751
31/05/202015:30BundesligaBorussia Mönchengladbach - Union Berlin741 - 751
31/05/202018:00BundesligaPaderborn - Borussia Dortmund741 - 751
01/06/202020:30BundesligaKöln - Leipzig741 - 751

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Bad boys for life

Available 05.29


The grudge

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La belle époque

La belle époque

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

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Bouquet Family: Don't miss the final episode of "The Magicians" on May 14th on SYFY

The adventure ends for "The Magicians" after 5 seasons of spells. Alice, Eliot, Julia and Margo are still on a quest to save Fillory's world, as excess of magic threatens the lives of the city residents. Can they save the magic world without Quentin?

Due to the health crisis, the latest episode of "The Magicians" will be broadcasted in the original version with subtitles.

Don't miss the final episode of "The Magicians" Thursday May 14 at 9 p.m. on SYFY.

SYFY is available in the Family package (€9.99/month) from Tango TV.

Bouquet Foot: Bundesliga back on May 16!

It is the first championship to resume after the COVID-19 crisis: the Bundesliga will be back on Saturday 16 May! After more than two months of interruption, the field will resume its rights across the Rhine and this, unlike countries like Italy or France, where the championships are officially over.
Bayern is currently leading the Bundesliga, 4 points ahead of Dortmund. Still 9 days to go.

In order to get the green light from the German government, the German League had to propose a specific protocol in order to minimize the risks of exposure and spread of the virus.That's why the teams will have to isolate themselves for a week before the first match. The games will, of course, be played behind closed doors.

Follow the Bundesliga live on Eleven Sports channels with the Bouquet Foot of Tango TV!

Keep in shape at home with Tango and Basic Fit

Are you a sports addict but your favorite room is closed? Do you just need a little physical activity? Tango and Basic Fit suggest that you move your gym to your living room. Discover group lessons in the VoD catalogue of Tango TV. And this, for free!

Check this out:
GXR Box: Transform your living room into a real boxing ring!
GXR Yoga: Masterfully led by Herberson, you will leave the program completely zen!
GXR Aerobics: So vintage but so good! Aerobics will get you back in shape quickly while keeping your smile!
GXR Abs & Core: Want to burn calories? This is the session for you.
GXR Shape: Sculpt the toned body you've always dreamed of!

Click on the VoD button on your remote control then select the "Basic Fit" section.

Bouquet Family: "Carter" is investigating 13ème Rue from May 18

Harley Carter is the hero of "Call Carter", the most popular screen cop. While his Hollywood career is shattered following a media scandal, he has no choice but to return to his hometown, Oregon, where he enlists in the police. Keen to prove that he's not just "playing detective" on television, he investigates with his childhood friends, Police Lieutenant Sam Shaw and Dave Leigh.

Discover "Carter", your new favorite detective series every Monday at 8:55 p.m. on 13th Street, starting May 18.
13ème Rue is available in the Family package (€9.99/month) of Tango TV.