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Incoming calls/texts within Europe

National data

Outgoing calls/texts within Europe

Unsure? Assess your data consumption
new Tango Smart M €25 per month (commitment 12 months)
5 GB per year
5 GB
new Tango Smart L €35 per month (commitment 12 months)
10 GB per year
10 GB
new Tango Smart XL €45 per month (commitment 12 months)
20 GB per year
20 GB

Presentation of the new Tango Smart subscriptions

With the new Tango Smart subscriptions,you don't have to worry about anything.  All your communications both national and within Europe are included!

Why choose the new Tango Smart subscriptions?

  • Communicate everywhere, whether in Luxembourg or in Europe with calls and texts included.
  • Stay connected wherever you are, whether in Luxembourg or abroad in Europe.
  • Experience our 4G+ network for the fastest Internet ever. Streaming of videos, music, games, videoconferencing, etc. Everything is instant!

How to subscribe

  Visit our nearest Tango point of sale

  Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

Tango Smart M/M+, Tango Smart L/L+, Tango Smart XL/XL+ include:

  • Incoming and outgoing communications (voice, text and data) from the national Tango network.
  • International communications (voice and text) from Luxembourg to European countries.
  • Communications (voice, text and data) from European countries to Luxembourg or to other European countries.

National calls/texts included: Fair Usage Policy of 6,000 national communication units, to and from Europe, for the following subscriptions: Tango Smart M/M+, L/L+, XL/XL+ (excluding premium numbers, fax and video telephony). List of European countries available here (excluding Luxembourg).

The data roaming volume available must be used over a one-year period. The renewal date is on the subscription anniversary date. Any volume that has not been used during the year will be lost.

Use with due diligence applies to voice calls and texts for the Tango Smart M/M+, Tango Smart L/L+, and Tango Smart XL/XL+ subscriptions. You will be billed for any communications not included in the bundle.

Data traffic is not deactivated by default abroad.

The ultra-fast service is available subject to the availability of 4G+ coverage and a compatible device.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: