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Discover the advantages of the Forfait bloqué option

Thanks to the Forfait bloqué option you’ll use your Tango Smart or Tango Smart LU subscription without  exceeding your fixed-rate allowance. Parents, control your children’s usage and enjoy the certainty that bills will not exceed the subscription fee. Retain the option of continuing to communicate by purchasing prepaid top-ups…

Details and description

All communications not included in the Tango Smart and Tango Smart LU subscriptions are blocked thanks to the Forfait bloqué option at €2 per month, including VAT (amount payable for each started month).

Communications beyond the volumes included in your subscription (taking into account our fair usage policy rules applicable to such subscriptions) will be blocked.

If you have used up all the communications included in your subscription and wish to continue to communicate or would like to engage in communications that are not included in your Tango Smart or Tango Smart LU subscription. You can top up your account with Tango prepaid top-ups (€5, €10, €20 and €40).

If you have completely used up the data volume included in your Tango Smart or Tango Smart LU subscription and have at least €5 of credit available on your account, a data pack at the price of €5 (incl. taxes) will be activated automatically.

Please note that top-ups allow you to engage in Pay As You Use communications that will be billed according to the default Tango Smart andTango Smart LUrate plan (i.e. Tango Smart) and that the top-up credit has a validity period of 6 months. You can use the credit at any time. Your credit balance will be carried over from one month to the next for as long as it has not been used up.

The Forfait bloqué option is available for the Tango Smart subscriptions.

How to subscribe

Visit your nearest Tango shop

Contact our Customer Service

You can subscribe to this option when you take out your subscription or at any time during your commitment period.

Conditions and guarantees

The Forfait bloqué option is not subject to a commitment period. Moreover, this option has no impact on the commitment period of your Tango Smart or Tango Smart LU subscription.

Communications not included in the subscription (calls, text messages and data) are blocked. To enable them, you will need to purchase one of the prepaid top-ups available. These do not allow you to purchase communication packs.

The services will be activated within 48 hours of the contract being concluded (not counting weekends and public holidays). You will receive confirmation of the activation by text message.

To deactivate the Forfait bloqué option, please call our helpline or visit one of our points-of-sale.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: